Women’s Bikini Body

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Debbie’s Story

I started my training with Trainer Jo’s The Academy July 1, 2017. I was not a big person to start. I weighed 143 lbs and I’m 5’8” tall. I was looking for a trainer that could help me build strength, tone up and lose a bit of weight.
The Academy helped me reach my goal. He suggested proper eating habits. He showed me proper workout techniques. Most of all he showed me how to take care of me as a whole, not just weight or workout but how important it is to rest and take care of my mind.
I am 51 years old. My weight now is 125 lbs. I feel fantastic. I have better energy and strength. I feel like I’m in my 20”s again.
I am grateful to The Academy for helping me achieve my goals and I will continue what I’ve learned.
Anything is possible with Trainer Jo’s The Academy and team.They listen, they are patient, friendly and very inspirational.
Jo!! for giving me chance to get my beauty back!!

If you are looking for a Trainer I would highly recommend Trainer Jo’s The Academy.
Start small end big!!