Trainer Jo

Trainer Jo is a 6-degree blackbelt taekwondo master. He became the instructor of the Taekwondo club in university and has been practicing the discipline for 18 years. Raised in South Korea, Trainer Jo grew up in a greenbelt area, under a mountain, and had to walk through nature (no buildings) for 1 hour to go school. He did this every day until he was 10 years old. Trainer Jo has worked in many fields, at age 12 he got his first part-time job as a paper boy. He has also worked at a gas station and was a wedding videographer and had 15 different part-time roles before becoming a personal trainer.  In Korea fitness trainers did not earn a good income so in 2000 Trainer Jo decided to take engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology where he earned a Bachelor of Safety Engineering degree.  Throughout university he continued to practice taekwondo and enter competitions and during his sophomore year Trainer Jo sustained a severe knee injury that required him to have surgery. The surgery was not successful, and Trainer Jo entered a rehab program at Samsung hospital where he learned how to strengthen his legs. It was during this time that he became interested in weight training and swimming. Swimming allowed him to strengthen his knee without impact.  It took Trainer Jo 2 years before he was able to fully extend his knee. During this period, he obtained his Lifeguard certification. He weighed only 127 lbs (58 kg) In 2005, when he was 24 years old, Trainer Jo came to Canada for a 1-year Taekwondo Master program. During this time, he earned his Personal Training certificate and became a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness was the youngest level 6 trainer (2006- 2012). He was a dedicated student and would wake up every day at 4:30am to study anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, muscle testing, neuro linguistic programming, nutrition, and more.  Trainer Jo started bodybuilding and increased his weight to 205lbs. He entered the IDFA Natural Bodybuilding competition’s middle weight class and won first place with only 3% body fat. He’s also an Arnold Classic Taekwondo winner.

In 2012, needing a greater challenge, he opened Trainer Jo’s Fitness Academy. He won Canada’s Top Personal Trainer award in 2017 and coaches some of Canada’s top CEOs, medical professionals, athletes, professionals and students from various backgrounds and occupations.  Trainer Jo strives to attend at least 4 health and wellness or medical conferences each year. He reads medical and science research journals daily and uses research evidence-based coaching with his clients. He balances ancestral wisdom alongside modern science to coach brain, biohacking, nervous system, nutrition, biomarker, meditation, mindfulness, longevity and happy quality of life.  Trainer Jo can help you to achieve your best condition regardless of age, gender or any fitness goals. To find out more about his current training and diet protocols follow him on Instagram

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