Emma’s Story

My first introduction to Trainer Jo was over five years ago when my friend hired him as a personal trainer. The results were fabulous, my friend had not only lost her extra weight but became healthy and strong and of course she looked fantastic. Since then I had my eye on Trainer Jo and used to follow his progress on the net. I kept telling myself that one day, when I can afford a trainer or when I win the lottery I will hire him as my personal trainer.

Of course I never got around to doing it until I had put on over 10 to 15 lbs. of weight over and above what I considered was my normal weight and was having a very difficult time trying to shed it. I tried a lot of different methods, followed a vegetarian diet, ate clean, organic food and worked out on a somewhat regular basis at the gym. Although I felt good at times, my weight was not coming down and moreover I started to feel bloated all the time and could never get rid of that feeling.

Finally I decided to invest in myself and in my health and came to Trainer Jo. I remember our initial consult when Trainer Jo said “I will make you as strong and healthy and vibrant as you were when you were a teenager and you will come back to the same weight as you were when you were a teenager.” Of course I didn’t believe a word of what he said as in my mind that was impossible!! I was just looking to shed my extra pounds and maybe a few more for good measure and move on with my life. Being true to my South Asian background I tried to bargain with him as all South Asians do about the price!!😁. He said “I don’t give discounts, I show results!!”

Therein started my training with Trainer Jo, he walked me through the basics of nutrition, strength training and more importantly maintaining a positive and focused mind set. When I faltered in my training or cheated in my diet he knew exactly what was needed to get me back on track, his coaching standards are beyond excellent and he demands the same standard from his clients. He is a fountain of knowledge, he constantly educates himself with the latest information on health, nutrition, strength training and constantly and with much passion, passes that knowledge on to his clients.

As a result of his guidance and coaching I can now say that my body does actually looks and feels like a teenager, my weight is the same as it was when I was a teenager and I am much stronger and lighter and feel like I can just spread my wings and fly!!. He was right, he did exactly what he said he would do for me and showed me the results. I have had many people comment that I look like a teenager, all thanks to Trainer Jo.

This was by far the best investment I have made in my adult life, to invest in my health and as an extended benefit in my family’s health as well. Trainer Jo has exposed me to a healthy life style where eating well and moving my body has become a part of my daily routine and this extends to my family as well. I will forever be grateful to him for changing my life style for the better. Trainer Jo has set me up for maintaining my fitness at the same level, he has given me a set of exercises that I can alternate on a regular basis and lots of tips on nutrition and more importantly lots of tips on how to live a good life and enjoy nature at its best!!

I highly recommend Trainer Jo to anyone who wants to develop and maintain a healthy life style and to anyone who is serious about investing in their health, Trainer Jo is the person you want to go to. He gets you the results!!!

As I embark on this new healthy life style and work on maintaining my weight and strength I look forward to many more interactions with Trainer Jo! I look forward to attending the group classes that he will be starting in September.

People do different things on their milestone birthdays, they run a marathon or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, this year as I turned 50 I chose to get fit, I chose the Academy, I chose Trainer Jo!!

And like Trainer Jo says “No excuses!” I’m fifty years old and have three kids, what’s your excuse?