Women’s Weight Loss

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Rebecca’s Story

I Joined the 12 week body transformation program with trainer Jo and just finished it! The result I have achieved now is successful!! and amazing! Total 22.4kg weight loss in 12 weeks!(From 73.9kg to 51.5kg) This is funny that some of my friends, they didn’t recognize me lol It is because I have changed so dramatically Even I can not believe this until now!!so I am proud of myself! I am full of positive energy! Joining in trainer Jo’s program is one of my best choice in my life. It was not easy to go to gym during the work day .But this time I decided to be willing to die for my goal! I decided to get in shape. So I am truly grateful for Jo’s effort. He helped me to change life style and workout routine also taught me how to control bad eating habits. (It was really useful for me!)Now I look younger and better than the most. Thank you trainer Jo!! for giving me chance to get my beauty back!!