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Sean’s Story

Always had a good amount of body fat and pretty naive about it thinking that one day I may slim down. About 2 years of trying it alone at the public gym, with all the information from the “internet”, I was not seeing the result I wanted. Even then I was still in denial that I needed a professional help. As I reached 32 years of age in 2015, I was gaining more fat despite of all the work out I was doing (wrong). So finally called trainer Jo for help since I saw a lot of great results on the advertisement, and he set up my sessions with trainer Brian. At the beginning I was kind of skeptical about all the basic work outs and the importance of sleeping, eating well. But now, after 3 months, I tell everyone I know how important those are. The picture doesn’t even describe how much happy I am now. I really think that I should have done it earlier but oh well better now than later. Now I am all about sleeping well and eating clean. Brian and everyone at Trainer Jo changed not only my body but my life style. Healthier, more energy and all natural! Thank you Trainer Jo!